You then, my child, be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus, and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.

2 Timothy 2:2

Pastoral Residency FAQs

Is a residency offered in the summer? Or is there a part-time option?

No residency is offered during the summer. Currently, we offer an abbreviated version of the full-time residency that runs congruent to the full-time residency. If you are interested in the part-time option, please indicate so on your application. 

Can I be married and do the residency?


Can I get seminary credit for doing the residency?

Certain seminaries, including Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary have offered credit hours to those who participate in the pastoral residency program. Since it is ultimately the seminary’s decision, check with them first. 

I'm not sure I want to be a pastor. Should I do the residency?

The pastoral residency program is a significant commitment. We encourage only those seriously considering or currently in pastoral ministry to apply. 

When should I apply?

Decisions about the fall residency class will be made by late May/early June, so please submit your application no later than May 1. The earlier, the better for our planning purposes as well as providing sufficient time for you to work out necessary logistics for your family.

Is UBC able to provide residencies for women?

Because the residency is for those interested in the office of pastor, we do not offer residency spots to women. However, our church has a monthly women’s institute class that focuses on theological and biblical training, which is taught by women for women in our church. The Equipped to Counsel portion of the pastoral residency is open to wives of pastoral residents, as well as others in UBC’s congregation. 

Where should I be in my education before doing the residency?

A college degree is usually expected for residency candidates. Past residents have applied before, during, and after their theological education.

Can I do the residency if English is not my first language?

Yes. Please contact us at to discuss the proficiency level of English needed to benefit from our program.

Do I need to be a citizen of the United States?

No. We welcome applications from internationals. We encourage internationals to apply at least one year in advance, and to contact us at to discuss the visa application process.

Is a stipend provided for the resident?

Yes. Residents are offered a modest monthly stipend, and we are working toward helping with housing. If you have questions about housing, please contact us at If you need additional help to cover other expenses, we encourage personal support raising. 

Will I be able to work while doing the residency?

The residency program is quite intensive and a full-time commitment, so we discourage you from trying to work during the residency. By providing a stipend (and potentially housing), residents are freed up from working outside of the church and can spend their time learning about and observing the church. However, it is ultimately up to you to determine if a part-time job is needed to sustain your family financially and how to keep it from interfering with the residency program commitments.

Where can I send my children to school during the residency?

Residents are free to choose whichever educational option is best for their children, including Arkansas’s public and private schools, homeschooling, or whatever best suits your family.

Where does vacation fit in with the residency?

No vacation is provided for residents, and residents should not expect to travel for personal ministry purposes (speaking engagements, conferences, etc.). The church office is closed on government holidays, though sometimes residents will still have papers and readings due on those days. Residents get some scheduled time off during Thanksgiving, and around Christmas and New Year’s. Residents usually have a half day off each Friday, and a full day each Saturday.

How are residents involved in the church?

Residents will be in involved in various ministries of the church, but will not be responsible to oversee any specific ministry. Much of what residents do involves reading, writing, and observing. Men should not expect the residency to be a time when their gifts are tested, nor should they expect to receive ample opportunities to teach publically, lead small groups, and the like, though some of these opportunities may come.